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mosellegreen: A new chapter! I was joking but it looks like it…


A new chapter!

I was joking but it looks like it really will be 50K words in before they smooch for the first time. (We’re now at 48,398.) This ship should be called “Glaciers”.

In this chapter, the Avengers watch a movie, Volstagg visits Midgard, and Tony tries to deliver Steve a clue. Thank you to @rennemichaels for beta reading and for the awesome graphic above. Thank you to Shi_Toyu for beta reading.

from Tumblr https://rennemichaels.tumblr.com/post/149011069768


Today, I fucked up… by getting my laptop fixed


Early in the morning my youngest sister stood on my laptop breaking the screen completely, it was my fault for leaving it where I did but I was still pretty upset as I had only left it for a few seconds. 

However, my mum knew a family friend that could fix it for a small price, after meeting with the guy he told me that he would also give it a system check all I had to do what tell him my password and that I could watch him work if I wanted to. I couldn’t as I had to go to work so my mum volunteered to watch him which I was grateful for. I went to work and thought nothing of it.

Apparently, after fixing the screen and updating my laptop, he asked my mum if he could use it to check his e-mail, she agreed. Google Chrome decided to do the helpful thing it does when it wasn’t shut down correctly and asked to reload all of the tabs I had open when it broke and my mum thought I would be happy to not look for them again and asked the man to reload them and open a new tab for himself. 

This wouldn’t have been I problem but the last thing I was looking at just happened to be a very detailed picture of Iron man pounding his iron rod into Captain America’s star-spangled back alley. My mum hasn’t looked me in the eye since.

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Oh My. This is just the Murphy’s Law of Shipping isn’t it. 😀