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Daemon AU where frost giants don’t have daemons and that’s a problem
Asgardians do, and they are trying to pass Loki off as one of them
So he grows up carrying around his daemon in a cage. Its form settles really early on, like, unheard of early, as a raven, Like Odin’s (extra special god of everything so he gets two) ravens. Loki’s so proud as a child to be like Odin, to be special enough to have a settled form Daemon, and it’s been a raven as long as he can remember. But his daemon doesn’t talk to him, and he feels lonely watching how the others interact with their daemons. But he knows his is different. Vǫrðr doesn’t talk and he’s told he shouldn’t touch it. No one can touch Vǫrðr.

And when the stuff in the treasury happens, and Odin falls into the Odin sleep, Vǫrðr busts out of the cage and one of Odin’s ravens disappears, because Vǫrðr has secretly been Huginn this whole time. And Loki realizes just how alone he’s always been, just what a monster he’s always been.

And it’s no mistake that Vǫrðr was called ‘watcher’ in their tongue. Odin literally never let him out of his sight.

Whoa. Crazy good prompt.