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Big Boy Toys – Go Hulk! Bruce would be so proud. Great picture…

Big Boy Toys – Go Hulk! Bruce would be so proud.

Great picture by Edy Hrjoe

from Tumblr https://rennemichaels.tumblr.com/post/149030371800


Just heard the sad news about Thor 3. Looks like I’ll be wearing all black to the cinema in mourning for a franchise that started out with such potential. It is time to lay it to rest.


The news are sadly not new. They talked about that last summer, but I hoped that they’d change their mind. I wouldn’t ever have guessed that they go through with writing that as a script. We should mourn indeed.

It should have been the grand finale and redemption of a character and arc that started with so much potential and then got lost a bit. Though with Loki on the throne, Frigga dead, Odin missing and Thor on earth only partly learning about the truths and needing to know about the infinity stones, it was at a perfect starting point for a third movie. So much potential, so many great opportunities. So many plot points to be explored and some things that need to be revealed and explained. Thor had always a lot of it’s own mystery with Asgard. A big world that can be explored. Then this truly Shakespearean family set-up with a Machiavellian villain. Thor being a god and hero in the more classic sense. His sidekicks the Warriors Three and Lady Sif, who usually have great stories of their own. It could have been truly epic.

Instead: Hulk is popular. Let’s bring him in and make it funny! 

Really Marvel? Really?