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More How To Draw Manga – Vol. 4: Mastering Bishoujo Characters

this might be useful for me later

from Tumblr https://rennemichaels.tumblr.com/post/149141646328


how did you figure out how to do hands



well when I do hands I tend to break them into 3 big shapes 

starting with the wrist then palm, thumb then the fingers 

once I have the big shapes in I separate the fingers

here are some more examples of the different parts

one of the best ways that I learned how to draw hands was to draw a LOT of them, in different poses, while looking at a reference. 

This is a site that I found useful, 

it has 3D models of hands that you can change the view so you can see the same pose from different angles. 

p.s. this site i linked to does contain nude figures just a heads up  

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