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mosellegreen: A new chapter! I was joking but it looks like it…


A new chapter!

I was joking but it looks like it really will be 50K words in before they smooch for the first time. (We’re now at 48,398.) This ship should be called “Glaciers”.

In this chapter, the Avengers watch a movie, Volstagg visits Midgard, and Tony tries to deliver Steve a clue. Thank you to @rennemichaels for beta reading and for the awesome graphic above. Thank you to Shi_Toyu for beta reading.

from Tumblr https://rennemichaels.tumblr.com/post/149011069768


Tales from the Iron Diva

So, this morning… Instead of working on my Queens Grace Tony/Loki sequel, I somehow got sucked into making a 500 word prompt for an Avengers – Vorkosigan/Barrayar cross over that takes place a millennium in the future in the Nexus.

Apparently, I will do anything to absolutely anything to avoid working on the latest chapter of Stark InterGalactic.

Trouble with Tricksters – Chapter 12 – Success at last!

Tony’s heart skipped a beat at this long awaited opportunity. Knowing that he might never get another chance, he darted over towards the counter, grabbed the glass and took off down to his lab. Holding the smoothie aloft the entire time as if it was a rare, holy relic of great importance. “Jarvis, we’re on maximum lock down.” Tony crowed throwing himself station chair and spinning around delightedly, prepared to savor his triumph at it finally being able to snatch a treat from Loki.

From the color of the glass, he had been expecting a banana pineapple something; instead, the smell of orchards tickled his nose as he took a sip.

Tony’s eyes went wide.

Holy. Shit.  **snip** 


Super Cute Commissioned Art by Virushoney 

I was just re-reading your Frost Iron Bang 2014 story, Abyss. And still loving it I might add. Anyhow, you had made several comments about planning a sequel. Since you didn’t do one for the 2015 Bang, I am wondering if that ship has sailed, so to speak. And if so, might I enquire what you were thinking of for a follow up.


I was 100% planning on writing it for the 2015 bang.. but then RL happened (a terminal case of RL happened to Coveted too). The follow up IS GOING TO HAVE (i have to convince myself i’m gonna write it) Loki being kidnapped by “mad scientist” who has a grudge against monsters and wants to exterminate them (granted, they DO cause all of humanity’s problems like hate and depression and anger, because surprise! monsters are an allegory for emotions…). Anyway, dude hasn’t come up with a way to kill monsters yet and Tony’s is right there and a perfect experiment subject, so cue kidnapping to experiment on him to try to find a way to kill him. 

Tony of course is having None! Of! It! and recruits his new BFF SHIELD (and by “BFF” i mean “guys that fucked me up one time and therefore owe me ike ten million favors”) to help with the search because of the world-wide spy network. SHIELD gives him the avengers or something, and Tony has to explain wtf loki is and why someone took him.

Cue the story from the past, same as happened in Abyss: this time it’s the year around when Tony’s parents died, and Loki is there for him through the transition of doing everything he wants with all his free time (aka doctorate student that doesn’t have to waste his life running a company) to being the prisoner of RL and everyone make choices for him. It’s Loki who encourages him to trust Obie and give him increasingly more important decisions to make so they’ll have more free time to do what Tony wants… Yeah, Loki can fuck up as well as Tony.

I had like a prologue and a chapter 1 done but then I lost my mojo. :/

Mojo Search Alert!

Help Plumadesatada find it by giving her much love on Abyss… because it is totally worth a re-read or five.

Abyss by  plumadesatada – The cutest Young Tony, Young Loki story in existence.

Art by Mairi – Use the #abyss tag






I weirdly love that there are crotchety fandom elders around who say shit like “in my day, (insert fandom term) meant this specifically, but now you kids just use it to mean any old thing.”

It seriously gives fandom such a sense of heritage and family, like yes grandma, tell me more about how you had to write fic uphill both ways in the snow when you were my age.

I am that crotchety fandom elder

@gothiccharmschool @madlori @skarrin

(I’m sorry and I do love all of you wonderful individuals)

Kids today and your wub-wub music and able to buy things on the Internet! In MY day we had to dye our hair with Kool-Aid! We had to make fishnet shirts from tights we bought at Halloween! We had to color our nails with Sharpies!

in MY day a “drabble” was 100 words long EXACTLY

now you brats use it to mean “this thing i wrote on the fly”

*shakes fist*

In MY day slash was something that happened if you were carelessly cutting a tomato with a really sharp knife.

*Sips soda and reads fic all day because she’s retired and she can* 

I may or may not have done a FrostIron bang this year… I wish I had time to get more done, but you’ll just have to live with this.


The Trouble with Tricksters

Loki is kept in Stark Tower, but he is a NOT silent, dignified, lone figure, mostly avoiding the Avengers he is forced to share living quarters with. Instead he is an in your face brat. Who walks a fine line between annoying the shit out of all of them but doing it in a way that isn’t blatant enough for anyone to stomp on him without an avenging Thor coming after them.