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mosellegreen: A new chapter! I was joking but it looks like it…


A new chapter!

I was joking but it looks like it really will be 50K words in before they smooch for the first time. (We’re now at 48,398.) This ship should be called “Glaciers”.

In this chapter, the Avengers watch a movie, Volstagg visits Midgard, and Tony tries to deliver Steve a clue. Thank you to @rennemichaels for beta reading and for the awesome graphic above. Thank you to Shi_Toyu for beta reading.

from Tumblr https://rennemichaels.tumblr.com/post/149011069768



Avengers Fusions – Lucky

My favorite Marvel-ship ^^

He’s actually a non-Avengers fusion, but y’know, still Avengers-related, so whatever xD
also BFFs with Stony

My youtube music playlist decided it wanted to play Up All Night To Get Lucky by Daft Punk when I was drawing him xD (It also played Brooklyn Baby by Lana Del Rey when I was drawing Stucky, so I guess it likes Bucky xD)

I do love her style. ;D

i’m 27 years old


and i miss playing with my barbies

Start buying 1/6 Action Figures. Guys never stop playing with them no matter how old they get. And posing them, and buying them cool accessories, furniture, clothes, cars, and well you get the idea. P.s. Holidays are an excellent time to play with your dolls… I mean pose your action figures.