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Winterheart: The Paperback

For his crimes, Loki’s punishment began in a lonely and endless winter. For Tony’s sacrifice, his imprisonment began with a rescue.
A story of ugliness and beauty, inside and out, and learning what the word ‘monster’ really means.

As promised, we bring you the paperback version of mine and Artmetica’s collaboration. It’s 407 pages that have been formatted, sweated over and designed for the old-school reading experience. It’s available to you at cost-price only – meaning, you’re only paying for the paper and ink. The story comes as it always has: completely free from us to you.

Unfortunately, the art couldn’t be printed as part of the book due to page quality and resolution.  But with a cover designed by Artmetica herself, a meaty 5.5×8.5 inch book size and a fully edited story, if you wanted to return to Castle Winterheart…this is your crossroads. ♥

(We really hope you enjoy it.) 

I’m bringing this back for a certain someone–and to let you guys know that until 2359 on August 14th, if you use the promo code ‘AUGSHIP16′ you can get free shipping and 15% off the purchase price. Hit the link in the title to grab a copy if you haven’t already. 🙂

I got mine

from Tumblr https://rennemichaels.tumblr.com/post/148798822293


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