Lost Loki & Thor Fic

I was within a few pages of finishing a fic and then lost it! Thor goes back to the Dark World to retrieve Loki, finds he is still alive brings him home to Eir to heal. Frigga is dead, Odin is turning into a grade A sh*t and riding Thor hard to get ready to be king. Eir manages to stop the dark elf blood from killing Loki, when Odin decides he needs restrained and put magic blocking cuffs on him, which almost kill him, since the magic was all that was keeping him alive. Thor decides to return to Midgard, and I think the unrest in Asgard comes to a head and a group of nobles offer the still very ill Loki Odin’s spear and ask him to be the All Father. Which is when I had to shut my system down. What fic is this?

from Tumblr https://rennemichaels.tumblr.com/post/148433709623


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