you know why it’s so critically important to celebrate women over the age of 40? 

because young women and girls need role models. need someone to aspire to become as they age. 

as it is, society basically tells girls and young women: aspire to be 18-22. do not aspire or imagine past that, for you are useless without youth and beauty. do not aspire to be wise, or strong, beautiful without youth, or valuable with lines and wrinkles. and THAT is scary. we put a cap on aspirations for girls, because we want them to think the ideal comes and goes by 20–when really, we’re at our best for many, many years beyond.

Amen. My head hadn’t even fully emerged from my ass until I was 24. 😛

And trust me, life only gets BETTER as you get older. Because you finally reach this point:

Same here. I spent my whole life worrying about what people thought of me. When I hit my 40′s I realized I really don’t give a shit what anyone thinks about me but me. 


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