because dead people are in now


so i was thinking of this

and then i saw this (@horns-of-mischief)

and then i talked about ghost frostiron with morbid-undead over on the twitters and–

okay so bear with me here, but…tony dies, presumably in some avengers vs bad guy battle. that wonderful protocol initiates and the suit keeps fighting on his behalf, unbeknownst to the others. tears are shed, eulogies are spoken, and the body of tony stark is returned to the earth in a very final six feet under kind of way. the end


tony has unfinished business, as genius billionaire dudes with issues do. there’s no rejection at the pearly gates, no rubber stamp denial in hel, tony just continues on like a lonely fuck, watching his friends failing to move on without him, knowing he’s going to be doing it for the rest of his (probably eternal) un-life, forever wishing he’d done things a little differently. 

then he sees loki. 

and loki, supposedly dead (but obviously not) sees tony. 

and then it’s on. 

see, tony doesn’t know exactly how he died, but he knows enough that he’s sure it wasn’t a routine explosion. it wasn’t par for the course. something killed him, and it’s eating him up that he doesn’t know what did it, and that (almost) nobody even noticed.

so tony follows the only person who can see him (much to loki’s irritation), determined to bother the only magical asshole who can cheat death into helping him do the same. 

and if tony manages to drive loki completely bonkers and ruin all his plans along the way, well, that’s just a sweet sweet bonus. 

basically i have a semi-solid plot idea for another fucking frostiron fic that would take a decent chunk of my time to write, because i can’t do enemies to friends to more with a giant dollop of ghost-angst-ust with banter and a solid mystery backing the plot (plus whatever loki is trying to do at the same time) without giving it a good bit of attention. 

ooh, i’m tired already, and i blame everyone but myself. 


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