Only four days left to sign up for the Frostiron Big Bang 2016!! Four Days People! Look alive!

If for some reason the above link doesn’t work, please try this one.

Frostiron Big Bang Tumblr link 



RULES for the Frostiron Big Bang 2016


1) All works must have a minimum word count of 7.5k. 

2) This much MUST be submitted on the day the drafts are due, along with the estimated wordcount for reference.

3) Work must be in English (to be revised next year). 

4) Work MUST stand on its own. Parts of series and sequels are allowed, but the reader must be able to understand the story without reading anything extra.  Examples: LOTR 2, no; HP 2, yes. 

5) A work can be written by more than one writer. Just remember to sign up as a group.


1) All works will have a compulsory minimum of one art slot. There is no maximum number of arts.

2) Should the wordcount clear 20k, the work will be eligible for a second art slot, if and only if the current artist doesn’t want to fill it themselves. This art slot being filled is not compulsory.

3) Should the wordcount clear 50k, the work will be eligible for a third art slot, again provided the currect artist(s) doesn’t want to fill it themselves. Again, the filling of this art slot is not guaranteed.

4) Each art slot can be filled by one artist or by a group of artists collaborating. 

5) Pieces of art can be any of (but not limited to) the following: 

  • traditional or digital paintings 
  • photography
  • comics
  • collages and photomanipulations
  • gifsets
  • fanvids
  • mixtapes (must include cover)
  • music composed, played and recorded by the artist, in a minimum of 10 minutes divided as the musician sees fit.
  • sculptures or figurines in any media 
  • plush, felt or crochet dolls 
  • cross stitch projects
  • cosplay photos

All physical pieces of art must be submitted in the form of photographs or, if the work is 2D, scans.


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