You shouldn’t reblog stuff that are linked to Loki’s Resistance. Its members are full of bullshit, especially Mosellegreen. All she does is saying rude crap about Thor and is a bad person in general.


Uhhhh…. you do realize that I’m part of Loki’s Resistance, right?


And although some members of the Resistance can (seem to) be pretty mean or say mean things, doesn’t mean EVERYONE here is. As for mosellegreen, I can’t speak for her nor do I want to but… she has quite a few good points if you’re willing to listen. I also highly doubt she’s, as you put it, a “bad person in general” – this coming from someone who also doesn’t always agree with everything she says either.

Last in point and most important of all~~

Don’t tell me what I can and cannot reblog on my own fucking blog, okay? Thanks! 😀 Have a nice day~


I think the Loki’s Resistance people should join up with the Tony Stark Defense Squad  and go out for drinks and compare notes. Sound like a plan?


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