Word Counter – Not only does it count the number of words you’ve written, it tells you which words are used most often and how many times they appear.

Tip Of My Tongue – Have you ever had a word on the tip of your tongue, but you just can’t figure out what it is? This site searches words by letters, length, definition, and more to alleviate that.

Readability Score – This calculates a multitude of text statistics, including character, syllable, word, and sentence count, characters and syllables per word, words per sentence, and average grade level.

Writer’s Block (Desktop Application) – This free application for your computer will block out everything on your computer until you meet a certain word count or spend a certain amount of time writing.

Cliche Finder – It does what the name says.

Write Rhymes – It’ll find rhymes for words as you write.

Verbix – This site conjugates verbs, because English is a weird language.

Graviax – This grammar checker is much more comprehensive than Microsoft Word, again, because English is a weird language.

Sorry for how short this is! I wanted to only include things I genuinely find useful.

Reblogging for the word counter and its “You’ve used this word this many times” function.

Now, let’s see how many times I’ve used the word “sighed.”


Boy do I need the Word Count Completion App!


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