93 floors located at 200 Park Avenue at East 45th Street, New York City, New York.

Stark Tower was built and designed by Tony Stark and Pepper Potts.  Originally, Tony intended that everything from the penthouse and above would be a luxury home for the two of them.  After the battle with the Chitauri, he redesigned and rebuilt the damaged area.  As soon as it was finished he donated it as headquarters for the Avengers.

The environmental controls, security, and any connected computer systems are managed by JARVIS throughout the entire building.  Any employee can talk to JARVIS and make requests by simply speaking out loud. 

The Avengers section –  Floor 93 to Floor 82

The top twelve floors include luxury rooms for the Avengers.  Each room is designed and decorated according to the specific need or desire of its occupant.  There are several dozen unassigned rooms that are used for guests or visitors as needed.  There is a state of the art fitness room, private theater, medical area, kitchen, and the former penthouse serves as a common room.  There is also a highly secure room filled with all of Tony’s latest technology that serves as a staging room for Avengers related missions.

The section is accessed by a private elevator via a back entrance into Stark Tower from the ground floor.  Only Bruce Banner and Tony Stark can currently access the elevator from the Stark Industries section. 

The Party Deck – Floor 81

There is a landing pad for helicopters or any VTOL aircraft.  There is also Tony’s personal landing pad which includes a walkway for his armor removal.  The deck access the common room by the windowed doors and a door at the end of Tony’s walkway.

Tony and Pepper’s apartment – Floor 80

The floor under the party deck was redesigned as an apartment for the couple.  They are the only two that have unlimited access to that floor, but either can allow guests.

Tony’s workshop – Floor 79

The floor under the apartment is where Tony works on his latest suit designs and inventions.  Pepper has access to the workshop.  There is a private freight elevator for moving large pieces into and out of the workshop.  That connects to his ground floor garage workshop.

Stark Industries – Floor 78 to 1

Everything below Tony’s workshop belongs to Stark Industries. 

  • Floor 78 and 77 contain the executive offices.  Tony’s office is next to Pepper’s.
  • Floor 76 contains various board rooms and meeting rooms.
  • Floor 75 to 66 are dedicated to R&D. 
  • Floor 75 Bruce’s lab is the top most secure floor.  Bruce and Tony have unlimited access to it.  Bruce has been given the authority to allow or deny access on a case by case basis.
  • Floor 74 through 70 are the classified sections of R&D usually dealing with SHIELD or other government agencies.
  • Floor 69 through 66 are the business and philanthropic research areas.
  • Floor 65 to 61 contain several biological laboratories
  • Floor 60 to 56 are for testing various new Stark designs 
  • Floor 55 to floor 2 contain everything else needed for Stark Industries business functioning
  • Floor 1 has the lobby area where the public comes into Stark Tower.  There’s also the private access area for the Avengers and Tony’s garage workshop.
  • The floors below Stark Tower contain the Arc Reactor that runs the entire building.

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