Um hello, I have a little question! Will the frostirionbang 2016 a reverse bang or a ‘normal’ big bang like 2015? I’m not so familiar with the procedure of these different bangs. Last year was my first time! I don’t have much experience with these things, sorry!


Well, depending on the mood of the participants…. Okay, i’ll take advantage of this ask to make another poll. SAME DEAL AS THE OTHER ONE, PEOPLE. PICK ONE AND TELL ME IN THE TAGS OR ON THE POST WHEN U REBLOG

Would you prefer:

a) the standard-version bang (artists draw based on a fic)?

b) a reverse bang (writers write based on an art)?

c) a mixture of the two? 

For C, I’m thinking maybe eliminating the big-mini distinction and creating a reverse-obverse (as it were xD) distinction. I’ll work the logistics out if enough peeps are interested

Standard Bang Please.


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