Five things that make me happy… 

5. Boxes, Amazon, Ebay, Sideshow, it doesn’t matters, getting packages makes me happy.

4. Really good fan fic! Cip,
plumadesatada, Like_a_Hurricane, malkavia30, usedupshiver, IBegToDreamAndDiffer,
AND Vitanitas (even if they never expanded their Entrapment and Allurement
story. *pouts*

3. My furballs, even if they continually use my cell phone to check that gravity is still working. 

2. Computers. Many. Lots. Powerful ones. Portable ones. So much happiness….

1. Family, those that make me happy every day by just being themselves, and those that make me happy that I don’t see them that often.

tagged me and said – When you get this respond with 5 things that make you
happy then send it to the last 10 people in your notifications. @imhappyallthefriggentimeimhappyallthefriggentime,
@msmynxmsmynx @cillanoodle, @theglitterdark, @lillkin @jnotjane @kasessoms @sweetsigyn
@stillnotanonymous @arthur16love 


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