I was tagged by @intoxicpl.

Name: Renne

Nickname: I haven’t really had once since my siblings were
too little to pronounce my name properly

Sign: Virgo

Gender: Female

Height: It was 5’7, now? I’m lucky if it is 5’6”

Favorite color: To wear? Green and Black. For my house? Autumn
Jewel Tones like Scarlet, Forest Green, Rich Brown, Dark Amber

Current time: 10:57 AM

Average length of sleep: Three to four hours at a pop.
Sometimes six if I am lucky.

The last thing I googled: Fancy Tailed Guppies or Old Norse for
idiot (

Favorite fictional character: Havelock Vetinari, but I also
like Fletcher Niehart, Miles Vorkosigan and Sophia Stanton-Lacy. And of Course
Loki and Tony Stark.  

Favorite books: Finity’s End, Shogun, Jingo, Big Phil’s Kid,
The Heaven Tree, Native Tongue, and anything by Terry Pratchett or Georgette

Favorite bands: Beatles, Creed, Digital Daggers, Simon and
Garfunkel, and Evanescence.

When did you create your blog: A year ago? I think?

What do I post about: Marvel stuff, heavy on Loki and Tony
Stark, Art tutorial, Hot Toy’s stuff, Stuff having to do with my Fan Fiction,
Other people Fan Art and Fan Fiction.

Do I have other blogs: No.

When did my blog reached it’s ‘peak’: I don’t think it ever
has, nor will it ever. ;D But I did have a very successful post about keeping
black cats in during Halloween week! 😀

My most active follower: jaybarou? Missviolethunter? Frostfalcon?
Nefherms? Cccarmeny?

What made me join tumblr: So I could interact with all the
writer’s of the fics I like.

Why did I choose my url: RenneMichaels is a name I have been
known by for many years, and I write under it.

So now I tag someone?: @jaybarou, @Missviolethunter, @Frostfalcon,
@Nefherms, @Cccarmeny, @itsconib, @sarraphyna, @lokiwifewinchester, @freakinmi,

(Graphic from rawlesque.com)


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