my take on this picture –  Loki has succumbed to the House of Odin obsession for collecting shiny things,
and items of great power, and items of sentiment (though he will deny that),
unfortunately… stashing them all into an interdimensional pocket is not without
peril. Thus he had hidden them in an alternate dimension where there combined
power drew the Black Pearl to them. Because, that sort of thing happens when
stories decide to take an active role in their creation. Alerted that his wards
have been breached, Loki goes to retrieve his stuff and discovers that Jack
Sparrow has a compass that will guide it’s owner to their hearts desire. The
original deal was a golden apple in exchange for the compass, but at the last
minute Jack thinks he needs a shiny of power as a signing bonus. This puts them
at a standoff.

horde consists of  
the Cross of Coronado,
the Infinity Gauntlet, a small globe of the Death Star, Boba Fett’s helmet, the
idol from the first Indiana Jones movie, Captain America’s Shield, Thor’s
hammer, Indiana Jones crystal skull, cup of Christ, Temple
of Doom idol, one of Tony’s arc reactors, a light saber, the Pixar desk lamp, the
Infinity Gauntlet, Bobba Fett’s helmet, light saber, Conan’s sword, and pictures
of Walt Disney, Stan Lee, Nick Fury, and Steve Rogers,

Sparrow VS Loki (colored) by altifirmansyah
There is also a really neat line drawing version for those into coloring. 😀


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