This is a Frostiron Secret Santa 2015 gift for the anonymous requester of prompt #13, the Star Trek AU.

First, let me apologize for my shameful eleventh-hour posting. It is so late for the same reason why it’s so incomplete. This prompt clearly called out for some quality writing. Unfortunately, I cannot give you quality writing, because I can’t write. I’m not one of these fancy writists overrunning this fandom of ours. I’m an arter. I art. Nonetheless, I worked out a pretty good story for this one, because Frostiron + Star Trek = YES. Unfortunately, stuff happened and blah blah you don’t care, but I ended up only being able to draw a few scenes rather than the longer thing I wanted to make to do justice to your request. If it makes you feel better, I fully intend to expand on this and write and/or more extensively illustrate this story in the new year.

To hold you over, here’s a quick summary: 

Ensign Tony Stark, once a civilian engineer, has spent the entirety of his as-yet short Starfleet career in the drafting room at Mars station, working on ship designs. His latest project was a refit of the USS Skidbladnir, an older starship receiving upgrades in preparation for an extended deep space mission. As the least senior member of the overhaul team, Ensign Stark gets the short straw of accompanying the newly outfitted Skidbladnir on its shakedown cruise with its new captain, an unsociable Vulcan named Loki, known for his preference for deep space missions and practice of staffing his ships with an unusually high percentage of non-humans. Tony, a Terran who has never been out of the Sol system and has mostly lived and worked with humans, experiences some culture shock, finds an ally in the wonderfully unconventional Commander Sif, the Vulcan first officer/chief of security, and tries to figure out exactly what the captain’s problem is with humans in general (hint: you won’t believe this, but he’s adopted) and Tony in particular. There is danger, shocking revelations, ship-christening shenanigans, scandalous Vulcan kissing, and maybe a little tiny explosion that was totally no one’s fault, and besides it’s already fixed and the infirmary needed to be broken in anyway.

I hope you like it and you’ll be good enough to wait until I have more. Have a great holiday and I’ll see you in the new year!

Also, I didn’t know which Trek you wanted, so I guessed and went with TOS. Chances are, I guessed wrong. Let’s be honest, chances are you wanted AOS. Sorry.

All right! the-dreaming-grass graces us with another story board fic! Wonderful as always. 😀 


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