Jörmungandr for theheiressofdark

Bat, is there a reason that Jörmungandr has the same expression you usually use on your selfies? 😀 Something you want to share with the class sweetie?

(Don’t forget Batwynn has a Patron page – )

Batwynn is Jörmungandr. It is known.


peace-love-thorki asked:  How does it feel to be the child of Loki?

batwynn answered: Well, there is that whole drama with Grandfather. But generally, I feel no different than any other giant serpent.

rennemichaels added: There should be a support group for kids with crotchety godly grandfathers. Maybe you could talk Phobos, Deimos and Adrestia. They probably have some stories they need to get off their chest about Zeus being an A+ Grandfather.


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