Entrapment and Allurement – Story by Vitanitas 

“Anthony.” He says again, expectant.
“Sorry, babe.” Tony sighs, before smashing the butt of the gun against his temple.

The trap was obvious. Loki could sense those laying in wait for him, their anticipation and fear was palpable in the air. Loki hadn’t cared, had expected it even. Had walked right into the trap he knew was there; the bait being far too enticing to ignore.

Fan Fic Recommendation – Very good but much too short Dark Possessive Tony & Loki. Please leave many comments. Ohhhhh Ask for sequel or update!

Art by erebusdoradoneshamelessstuff as near as I can make it out. 😦 If anyone knows the tumblr or deviant art home of this pic pls pm me.

http://archiveofourown.org/works/1284076 – Go! Read! Comment! Ask for Sequel!


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