SKETCH CHALLENGE – Goth Loki? Since Loki has recently gone High Elf much to the All Fathers displeasure we (HereticalTransience and myself)  were wondering what he would wear if he decided to Goth out in Asgard. Well since HereticalTransience knows about this stuff and I don’t, she was kind enough to find me a bunch of Pics for reference.  (I love the idea of a black choker chain necklace with a mini arc reactor pendant. And we already have fun stuff that can be mentioned about the sword and shield belt buckle.)

If someone who knows how to do this drawing thing (or several some ones) would be kind enough to sketch Goth Loki, then I will add him to a future chapter and we will see if that is enough to cause the All Father to have an aneurism.  

He would most likely only wear the coat so he could take it off at an appropriate time ideally when surrounded by a large crowd of people.

ANTHONY OF ASGARD – Chapter 23 posting in ten minutes. 

Great photo manip by Moonrainbow

Consulting Goth


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