PREORDERS for double sided double charms. Available at my storenvy.

  • preorder lasts 25th January to 8th February 2015
  • charm costs 12.50 USD (there is limited necklace option)
  • size: bigger charm 1.5 inch, smaller one 1 inch
  • they will be printed on clear 3mm acrylic on both sides of the charm

Since there is many charms to choose from and unfortunately they are pricier than usual I’m afraid not all of them may end up printed. There are certain minimum requirements below which I wouldn’t be able to order them.

I know it sucks and there is big chance one charm won’t be printed at all. I’d love to print them all. That’s why I’d be really grateful for any reblog and spreading the news. 

If some charms won’t end up printed I’ll refund every buyer their price within a week after preorder period ended (9th to 16th February).


FYI there is less than 24 hours left to order one of those cute little assholes (because timezones and also my work being awful) 😉

Good news is: all charms will be printed for sure 🙂 (and I’m finishing few more designs that aren’t double ones)

LAST CHANCE TO ORDER GOAT LOKI’s – Not something I ever thought I would post. 🙂  


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