Can I please draw your attention to this tweet? This is from one of the executive producers of Agent Carter. This is someone intimately involved with the show  basically saying, “hey, our viewership is not high enough”. Look at the hashtag – this is the executive producer saying, “we need a viral campaign to get going if we want to get renewed, it is not a sure thing.” 

Please don’t believe the posts that compare the ratings for Agent Carter to those of, say, Buffy, and insist it’s doing fine.

Please don’t listen to the posts calling for a boycott over the lack of racial diversity – if the show gets cancelled, they’ll never have a chance to improve it. And what will we be left with instead? The myriad of dramas focused around the problems of middle-aged white men? Let the creators know what you want to see, what they’re doing wrong, but keep watching it so they have the opportunity to address those concerns. Because maybe a season two for Agent Carter could give us Peggy moving on from her heartbreak over Steve and finding romance with Gabe Jones the way she does in the comics.

Please, help this show stay alive. It may not be perfect, but it’s a heck of a great step in a good direction.


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