Without another word, he launches himself into her arms and holds her tight. She gives a cry of joy as she strokes his soft head, holding him so close that she could feel his warmth in her.
“You are so brave,” she whispers. “So strong and so brave, my precious child.”
“I missed you,” he says. There is no shame, no embarrassment or fear in such vulnerability. Here is beautiful, here is peaceful. Here is safe.
They held each other for a long time until she finally pulls away. She lets her eyes drink in his sight and she is so full of love.
“Can we watch over Father and Thor from here?” he says.
She combs back his hair.
“They will be watched over, my son,” she says. “They will.”
She takes his hand. Suddenly, he is a child again, entering the kingdom of heaven with love at his side as they left the world behind.
“Come, Loki,” she says. “I want you to meet someone.”  

Commission for the super talented mykingdomforapen who asked me to illustrate a scene for one of her fic and I chose this one cause I have a lot of mama Frigga and Loki feels. 

This fic definitely needed a mascara alert tag.


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