Loki’s always complaining about that sweater. Tony got for him after they started dating, and it was mostly as a joke. For as much as he complains though, Loki wears the sweater almost religiously every winter. He gripes and groans but he wears it. 

Until Thor accidentally spills hot chocolate on it. Loki nearly rips his brother’s arm off and Tony has to drag Loki kicking and screaming-in Asgardian-out of the tower. He finally gets Loki outside and calms him down.

“What was all that about?”

“…he ruined my favorite sweater.” Loki can’t even look at Tony without feeling like an idiot. It’s a stupid sweater. He hates it but…it’s the first present Tony ever gave him. It’s precious to the god, for as dumb as it is. 

And Tony just smiles and hugs Loki tight. “We can get it washed and I’ll make sure Thor is sorry.”

HERE!! I repost this to make up for sad frostiron feels!

Awwww. It horrible, but I love it because you gave it to me. Yeah, I’ve had stuff like that. 😀


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