Chapter 15 – Shrink Has Posted

Loki chuckled darkly, casting a sidelong glance at Tony before he smirked at the doctor. “Like there is any privacy in Stark Tower with Jarvis listening and recording all that happens.”  

Both doctor looked startled as Tony groaned inwardly.

“What?” Loki laughed, a sharp bitter bark, “You didn’t think that you would actually be able to offer patient healer privacy, did you? Please. I know for a fact even the bathrooms have cameras and listening devices.  

Both Doctors turned accusing eyes on Tony. “We understand that security is a concern, Mister Stark, but…”

This necessitated an introduction to Jarvis and an immediate call to Pepper for her to assure the doctors that she could, as the head of Stark International, issue an absolute privacy over ride on their sessions and assured them that only the public areas of the guest floor were being monitored. Neither Pepper nor Tony mentioning of course, that Tony was the source of her assurances and override privileges. Not that Tony would dare countermand her orders or anything. At least not without a really, really good reason.

Tony was already starting to get a headache by the time the question had rolled around to what they believed constituted a healthy relationship.

“Relationship?” Loki asked archly, not meeting Tony’s eye but rather gazing questioningly at the doctors. “Is that what it’s called when you purchase a companion?”

“Oh for the love of… I did not purchase you, I proposed an alliance.”

“Ah. Of course.” Loki cocked his head to once side. A bight brittle grin spread across his face. “The house of Stark, allied to a false Prince of Asgard. You should be so proud…”

Groaning, Tony buried his face in that horrible plush blue pillow.*snip*


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