Get ready for Marvel’s PAM.

Who’s Pam? Doesn’t matter. Pam will make three billion dollars.

i would pay to see this

are you fucking kidding me I WANT this movie

I want to see this cheerful lady walking through fire and being badass and sweet

and most of all I want her to save the day with the normal shit she’s toting in that bag. 

I NEED this. 

‘Let me get this straight. You’re saying our Xanderian captor is in pain from a swollen… thing, and is going to eject us from the airlock? Well why didn’t you say so? Here, hun, I think I got some Aleve in here. You just take that.’

*Alien collapses frothing*

Everyone stares at her in awe. ‘How did you know that naproxen is fatal to Xanderians?’

‘Honestly, you people never have children? I hear EVERYTHING.’


‘Oh dear, you need something to bridge to gap between circuits and stop the shortage? I know I got a safety pin, just wait.’

*Ship jumps to warp ahead of pursuit*

 Like, seriously, I want her to fucking MacGyver whatever is needed to resolve the plot issues, using Clorets gum, her Kindle, a Starbucks receipt (tall caramel macchiato) and a handful of change and lint.

Because we got so many ‘ordinary’ guy heroes that go on to be extraordinary, and let’s be real – in an actual Holllywood movie Pam would scarcely rate a speaking part. I want a female hero who is a hero without needing a goddamned makeover and just needed the right circumstances to shine. I am up to my goddamn neck with ordinary dude heroes. I’m sick of them. I know everything about them already.

And I want to know more about Pam.



I used to carry a purse like that. At a moment notice I could have McGuyvered my way out of anything. I had tools, computer peripherals, craft materials, reference materials, snacks and occasionally articles of clothing. You name it, I had it. So I can totally seeing PAM saving the day with the contents of her purse.


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