Anthony of Asgard – Chapter 13 – “So, tell me, Tony. What was it you bought that day when you missed our last meeting?”

Eye’s closed Tony’s face screwed up into a tiny frown, partially from the question but mostly from the tension of chasing down the increased sensations he was experiencing. “A golden bronze, mint condition. Nineteen Fifty-four Oldsmobile. An F-88.”


“A car. A convertible. A type of car whose roof that folds down,” Tony gasped out answering the unasked, but implied question. Loki’s fingers dipping down to briefly cup his balls. “A concept car, only three were ever made.”

“Ah. Was it worth it?” Loki asked his intent expression at odds with the light tone in his voice.


Only three of these cars were made and the last one to come up for sale went for 3.5 million.

(Reblogged as a photo since the picture didn’t show for some reason on my last post. ;p  )


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