Where no man has gone before!

Navigator Polina Chekova
Helmsman Hikaru Sulu
First Officer Spock
Captain Jane T. Kirk (the T is for Titania)
Chief Medical Officer Lena “Bones” McCoy
Chief Engineer Mackenzie “Scottie” Scott
Communications Officer Njata Uhuru
and miscellaneous tribbles.

Here is the full size version of the lineup if anyone is interested, because trying to figure out how tumblr’s image resizing works is exhausting. Many thanks to intergalacticexplorer for that wonderfully thorough name meta. I’m still on the fence about some of them (mainly Spock/T’Pock), but I had to pick something.

I almost put Scottie in a jumpsuit and Sulu in a dress uniform just to show off the full range of uniforms, but in the end I went with regular duty uniforms for everyone.

Love the way you got all their expressions and faces so spot on. And the tribbles are of course delightful. I was so busy admiring all the rest, I had no attention left to spare for where Sulu’s hand was drifting. Thanks for posting.


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