It continues.

A thing that didn’t make it in:

When Loki got the boot from Asgard, he was forced to leave behind all his possessions, including his books. All the ancient, priceless texts on magic, science, the universe, stories older than the gods, everything he’s collected in his studies and travels, all of it gathering dust in a vault somewhere. Every time they stop at a gas station or convenience store, Loki steals books from the racks, but naturally finds them vastly disappointing. Tony notices and, concerned that Loki will get the impression that Earth is totally devoid of culture and attempt to conquer it again to correct that, hits up an actual bookstore and gets him some decent reading material.

He figures they’d better work up to an e-reader.

On second thought, maybe getting him American Gods wasn’t the best idea Tony’s had this decade. It sounded better in his head.

Part 1 | Part 2 | Part 3

I have read this like a million times on AO3. Seriously great, if you haven’t read it you really should. 


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