Excellently done commissioned Art by LePeru  – This one took a bit of back and forth-ing to get it the way I saw it. Many thanks to LePeru for being so patient with me over it.

Desperate for Change – Chapter 32

“You,” he said sourly, “were a very difficult prince to find. Our best scryers could not find you, nor could our spies in Asgard get any word of your whereabouts for many years. Then just when you were found, reportedly imprisoned by Odin for starting wars in Vanaheimr  and Dvergar prior to the convergence, we received word that you had been killed in a battle against the dark elves on Svartálfaheimr.  It was not until today, that we were even able to confirm that you were still alive.”

“Why would you think me dead?” Asked Loki in his amplified voice, his lips in a thin bitter line that twitched up at the corners.

“You have many enemies, do you not?” The old speaker responded tartly.

“Well there is that, yes.” Loki said with a small chuckle. “And yet I still stand. Marvelous isn’t it.”



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